Mosman FC Club History

Mosman FC was founded in 1967 which makes 2017 our 50th anniversary. Do you know anything about Mosman FC’s history?  If so, please email us.

1967 – 1970.  Mosman Junior Soccer Club was founded in 1967 by some dedicated locals.  The first meeting of the club was held at the Kunz family home and the committee was elected.  Merve Mancer was our first president, with Dr Frank Kunz VP and Elizabeth Stuart Registrar.   Eventually, a Navy cook was found to be the first coach, and the Army oval at Georges Heights was used for matches.  By 1969, the club was thriving with nearly 200 players. Read SMH Article.

MJSC SMH Jun 1969 Mrs Stuart

1971 – 1980. The first all age Mosman team was formed in 1971 and competed in an Inner West competition against teams like Balmain and Five Dock.  This team included players from lower grade Federation football and others who went on to play first grade in the NSW Second Division.  This included Tony Lopez, brother of Dom Lopez former Mayor of Mosman.

Back when Allan Border was a boy and footballers were sponsored by red meat (apparently, one of the players, Graham Stanley, was the Mosman butcher).  Those with a keen eye and vivid imagination will be able to identify Peter Pettaras, third from left in the bottom row, who has played for the club every year since 1966.

MFC 1901 Small


1981 – 1990.  In 1984, Mosman FC had over 450 players, including 6 all age teams.  By 1990, however, the junior player numbers had fallen from over 200 to just over 100.

This is the Prems Team circa 1985 (judging from the crushingly tight shorts and even more indecent hair on the upper lip).

MFC 1908 Small


1991 – 2000.  Mosman FC grew steadily during the 1990s, from 400 players in 1990 to 680 in 2000.  The number of senior players doubled to over 200 and the junior divisions also grew.  MFC won its first premiership grand final in 1997, led by coach Pat Digby, and won both first and reserve grade in 1999.

Despite the introduction of ladies football by the MWFA in 1986, Mosman did not participate in any of the female competitions in the 1990s.

2001 – 2010. Player numbers grew from 700 in 2000 to over 1,300 in 2010.  The primary sources of this growth were:

  • Junior Ladies.  The addition of female players in 2002.  From 2002 to 2004, the formation and growth in the junior ladies divisions was led by Natasha Miller.  In 2004, Denise Menzies took over and oversaw rapid growth from 2 teams.  By 2009, there were around 40 senior women and 170 girls playing in 14 teams, with the first “graduation” of U18 players to the WAL competition in 2010.
  • O35. The growth of O35 mens football.  From 1 team in 2001, new teams added from other clubs, immigrants and ex-AL teams increased this to 8 teams and 160 players by 2010.  The growth in O35 football has allowed players to continue as members of Mosman FC well into their 50s.  The player with the longest continuous playing career is Peter Pettaras, who joined the club in 1966 and played his 45th season with the club in 2010.  The oldest player in the 2010 season was 57, playing in the O35/6 team.

In 2010, the premiership team reached the third round of the McDonalds Cup going down 3-1 to APIA-Leichardt.  The team reached the top of the table on 20th June 2010 for the first time in a decade and ended the season 4th.  The O35/1 team were consistent championship contenders regularly appearing in the top 2 or 3, but could not dislodge an impressive Brookvale side packed with ex-professionals.  The strong growth of the junior ladies allowed the club to compete in the first division in most age groups.  By 2010 the W12/1, W14/1 and W16/1 were consistent title contenders with all three teams reaching the quarter finals of the State Cup.  The first W035 team competed in division 3 in 2010, with the first goal fittingly scored by manager and instigator Sally Whitehead.  Assisted by top scorer, Inge Speckman, the team hit the top of the table after game 4 and secured the premiership, but lost the grand final on penalties.

8 junior players were selected for the MWFA development squad or representative squads in 2010:

  • U9: Luca Franks, Zach Leong
  • U10: Sota Shibasaki
  • U11: Luke Daly
  • W11: Sophie Clarke, Teigan Collinster, Antonia Foster, Solene Gaborit
  • W12: Hannah Dews (goalkeeper)

2011 –   The club membership remained around 1,300, although the lack of grounds and pressure from Mosman Council prompted a reduction in lower grade senior teams.  A campaign by the club against changes proposed by Mosman Council retained the use of Allan Border Oval in 2012, but a new policy in late 2013 threatened to kick football off Allan Border Oval.

In 2011, the premiership team struggled with injuries and finished the season 4th, while Pittwater won the championship by a mile, and beat the Prems 4-1 in the final.  The AL4s were the top AL team and finished as champions.  The junior ladies continued to flourish, with 5 players winning places in the Manly United U12s, while the juniors had strong U10 to U12 teams, but limited success in the older groups.  The senior ladies had a disappointing year, with none of the 3 teams reaching the finals.

In 2012, the seniors had a huge year, with 7 league champions, 3 grand final winners, and 17 out of 22 teams qualifying for the finals.  All 3 ladies teams played in the grand final and the WAL2s were winners and the W35/2s were the top scoring team in the club with 81 goals.  The club’s Golden Boot was Suzy Foster.

In 2013, the seniors performed well, with 3 league champions, 1 grand final winner, and 11 out of 22 teams qualifying for the finals.  The Prems had a disappointing year and ended 8th.  All 3 ladies teams played in the finals but only the WAL1Rs played in the grand final which they lost.  In the juniors, the W13/2s were undefeated for the whole season and grand final winners, but were league runners-up on goal difference.  The top scoring team was the AL3Rs and the club’s Golden Boot was Kirsty Edwards.

What will the future hold? What part will you play?

Past Presidents

1970s Ian Williamson
1980s Peter Bennett, Hans Pomeranz
1990s Keith Broome, David Mollard, Laurie Gordon, Wayne Stevens
2000 – 2002 John Marsh
2002 – 2005 Mark Webster
2006 – 2008 Tess White
2009 – 2013 Ian Clarke
2014 – Louise Walker

Noted Coaches and Players

The following current/ex-professional players have played or coached at Mosman Football Club

  • 1980s Juerg Muller
  • 1990s Pat Digby, Hamilton & Clyde
  • 2000 – 2002 Robert Wheatly, Marconi, Socceroos
  • 2007 – 2008 Spencer Prior, Manchester City, Norwich City, Newcastle Jets
  • 2008 – 2012 Gerry Gomez, Marconi, Sydney City, Socceroos
  • 2011 – 2012 Liz Durack, Western Sydney Wanderers, Everton, England U19s
  • Current Ian Rowden, APIA-Leichhardt
  • Current Brent Dowson, Leicester FC

Do you know anything about Mosman Football Club’s history ? If so, please email us.

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