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Mosman Football Club Leadership

Mosman Football Club (MFC) is managed by an Executive Committee of volunteers.  In addition, there are many other volunteers who ensure the club can operate, including some positions not noted here.  All players and parents of players under 18 become members of MFC and we encourage all members to participate in the activities and development of the club:

  • Attend General Meetings. We hold meetings for all members at least annually to consider and approve the financial accounts of the club, elect the Executive Committee and consider other issues raised by members.
  • Attend Exco Meetings. Exco meetings are generally held on the third Monday of each month.  As the time and venue are subject to change, please contact the Secretary if you wish to attend in person, or forward issues for consideration to the President at least one week prior to the meeting.
  • Volunteer! We help run the club because we love football, our children or both.  The more members are involved the better the experience for everyone.  Each team needs a coach, manager and referees and we can improve the management, equipment, sponsorship and social experience of the club if we have more volunteers to share the load.  Please contact the President or Secretary to discuss specific roles.

President:  Louise Walker

Secretary:  Murray Jones

Click here for details of all members of the Executive Committee.


Volunteers are always welcome!

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