Life Members

As a community club, we are run by volunteers. We recognise individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution to the development of Mosman FC by awarding them Life Membership.  Life Members receive free registration for life (if applicable) and the full membership rights of other members.


2017 Andrew Mills, Jane Randall, Amanda Walker

2016 Andrew Barnard, Alec Gardner

2015  Ricky Vecchio, James Raphael

2014   Suzy Foster, Elias Aghnatios

2013   Ian Clarke

2012   Sally Whitehead

2011   Ian Wilkinson

2010   Denise Menzies, Tony Calboutin

2009    Maria Jones, David Schmidt

2008    Tess White

2007    Matt Turner

2005    Janice Barbour,  Jim Marsh,  Peter Pettaras


1980s: Mike Carlow, Jacqui Skinner, Peter Bennett, Hans Pomeranz (1938-2007)

1970s: Ian Williamson

If you know of life memberships awarded prior to 2005, please contact us.


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