Coach Appointment

MFC Coach Requirements

In general, teams have the right to select their own coaches, but we would like each MiniRoos coach to have a Grassroots certification as a minimum.  Mosman FC has the right to review and potentially the reject the appointment of a coach.

Our goal is that the coaches for these teams should have a Junior Licence as a minimum (or a firm intention to gain the licence), and a Youth Licence is desirable.  Please note that the FFA provides free grassroots training (mainly for U6 to U9 teams), organised by the MWFA and an 80% subsidy for Junior, Youth and Senior Licences.  For coaches who have already shown their commitment to coaching at the club, MFC will consider subsidising the cost of coaching qualifications, subject to approval by the Coaching Director.

Duties of the coach include:

  • Running training sessions, at least once per week for 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the age group
  • Coaching the team on Saturday/Sunday morning matches and at gala days throughout the season
  • Participation in and support of Mosman FC coaching initiatives
  • Participation in pre-season skills assessment sessions for the relevant age group

All Mosman FC coaches must register on myfootballclub, comply with Working With Children requirements and abide by any coaching policies implemented from time to time by Mosman FC.

All appointments and terminations are at the absolute discretion of the Mosman FC and we may ask a coach to step down if, in our opinion, the Code of Conduct is breached.

Teams Seeking Coaches

Every team needs a coach, and in general, it is the team’s responsibility to find their own coach.  Having a good coach can make a big difference to the development of the team and how much they enjoy their football.  There should always be one primary coach so that the players have a clear understanding of who their coach is.  Assistant coaches are a great idea to spread the workload and provide extra options for training.  The primary coach needs to be able to attend both the training sessions and the games otherwise they cannot see how their training is being implemented, carry feedback and issues from games back to training.

We ask for parents’ interest in coaching during the registration process, and will let the parents of the team know who has volunteered to coach once the team is formed.  If there is more than one volunteer, we suggest the coach with the greatest experience and qualifications takes the primary role.

Sometimes it is not possible to find a parent with the skills or the time to coach the team.  We sometimes have volunteers looking for a team to coach, and we will introduce these coaches to the teams without a parent coach.  Otherwise, it is the team’s responsibility to find their own coach, for example by asking parents in your team who play football, parents from other teams or other age groups, the Age Coordinator or Director of Coaching.  If your team needs a paid coach then it is the responsibility of the parents in that team to pay the coaching fees.  As a general rule MFC does not pay for team coaches, particularly because that would not be fair to the teams who organise volunteers to do the same job.

Coaches Seeking Teams

Mosman FC is committed to helping all its players reach their potential as footballers.  We recognise that the skills and energy of the team coaches are critical to achieving this goal, and need qualified coaches to assist us.  There are two options to become involved as a coach at Mosman FC:

1.  Volunteer Coach

For most Mosman teams, the coach is a volunteer who takes on the role due to the intrinsic reward of being involved with a football team.  Many of these volunteers are parents, but sometimes due to lack of time or technical skills, we are unable to find a suitable parent coach.  We try to help these teams by introducing them to volunteer coaches.  If you would like to be considered for this role you would need to have the following:

  • 1-2 hours on a weeknight (Mon-Wed), and 1-2 hours on a Saturday or Sunday (excluding travelling time) between April and August
  • A Junior, Youth or Senior Licence
  • Compliance with our Child Protection Policies

2.  Paid Coach

We also engage a number of professional coaches to work across multiple teams over the season, and provide specific skills sessions (e.g. goalkeeping).  These coaches usually have played at a high level, and are now coaching as a full time occupation.  If you would like to be considered for this role you would need to have the following:

  • 2-4 hours on a weeknight (Mon-Thurs), and possibly Sunday for specific skills sessions
  • A Senior Licence
  • Compliance with our Child Protection Policies
  • An ABN

We are particularly interested in hearing from qualified female coaches and females who are prepared to assist coaches while gaining the appropriate qualification.

If you are interested in a coaching role, please register your interest by sending us an email with a contact number and qualifications and we will contact you before the start of the next season.

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