Allan Border Oval

Setting Up Procedure

The first team playing on Allan Border Oval is usually a juniors team with an 8.30am kick-off. The manager of that team is responsible for setting up.  You will need a minimum of 4 adults to set up the field for play.

  1. Remove ropes and stakes from around cricket square and leave to the side of the pitch.
  2. Remove cover from cricket square and fold onto trolley at the side of oval as below. It is absolutely essential that every peg is pulled up from the cover and then immediately taken over and placed on the trolley to prevent any chance that the pegs are left on the field which could cause serious injury to players. Make sure that no one with soccer boots or sharp heels treads on the cover as it will cost $5k to replace if pierced.Basically it’s a similar process to Wimbledon. As many adults as possible, but a minimum of 4, all wearing non-slip shoes line up along one side only.  If the cover is wet, pick up one edge with arms behind back and move quickly over cover pulling the water with you. Water will then pour off the edges but that is OK because there is sufficient drainage away from the cricket square. It is best to run in the direction of the wind as this helps by creating a sail effect. Now that the cover is dry, repeat the process to pull it toward the trolley (on far side of ground). Once the cover has been pulled over to the trolley, it needs to be folded and placed on the trolley. Fold in half, then half again 3 more times in the same direction to create a 2m strip. Then fold in half the opposite way 4 times. This should create a 2m square that fits nicely onto the trolley.
  3. Remove caps over goalpost footings. Place caps close to goalposts, but off playing surface. Then a minimum of 4 adults carry posts horizontally and lift onto footings, making sure that bolts are tightened to lock posts into place – someone else must check.
  4. Put up 2 goal nets and 6 corner and centre flags which are found in the clubroom upstairs (you will need some electrical tape to secure the nets to the posts). Nets are to be pegged fully into the ground with the lump hammer (found in toolbox) to avoid creating a trip hazard.  The toolbox to be replaced in clubhouse.  Place 4 corner posts on outer corner of the intersection of goalline and sideline and the 2 centre flags a metre off the pitch, in line with the halfway line.


Packing Away Procedure

The last team playing on Allan Border Oval is usually a seniors team with a 3pm kick-off.

  1. Nets to be taken down and put with the 6 flags into the clubroom at the top of the stairs.  Pegs should be replaced in the toolbox which is stored with the nets and flags. Make sure that no pegs are left in the ground as these could cause injury.
  2. Loosen bolts in goalpost footings. Remove goalposts and place in the slots to the east of the pitch (the side away from the clubhouse). Replace caps over footings and tighten bolts.
  3. Rope off cricket square using rope and stakes found at the side of the pitch – use lump hammer from toolbox and drive in stakes placed about a metre from square. The toolbox should be returned to the clubroom.
  4. DO NOT replace cricket cover.
  5. Make sure all rubbish is picked up and placed in the bins next to the changing rooms.


Additional Procedure for Premiers and AL1s Games

Roping off touchline must be carried out for all matches played by Premiers and AL1s (first and reserves). Any fines handed out by MWFA for not doing so will be passed on to the team responsible.

Stake out a rope along touchline a metre from the line on the clubhouse side of the oval. Use lump hammer in the toolbox to anchor stakes into the ground.

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