Mosman Council Election

Vote to support Mosman FC at Saturday’s local council election

How can your vote for Mosman Council support football in Mosman? In response to members’ questions, we have approached the candidates in the upcoming Mosman Council election to understand whether their policies are supportive of the ongoing success and growth of football in Mosman. Mosman FC needs support from Mosman Council to meet our strategic aims of:

  1. Improved playing surfaces, including an all-weather pitch
  2. Installing / improving lighting of playing fields
  3. Improved clubhouse facilities at Allan Border Oval and Middle Head Oval

We shared with the candidates an overview of our goals as outlined in this briefing document, followed by asking each of them a standard set of questions and reviewing their past voting positions to assess their support. Based on their responses to the survey, as well as their voting track record, we have summarised their positions as they relate to Mosman FC in the following table.

Electoral Group Candidates Party Survey response MFC support Comments
ADLAM Warwick
Independent Yes

Strong supporter. See detail below.
Residents for Mosman No

Bendall has actively stalled/tried to prevent Council progress on an all-weather pitch in prior term on Council.
STEVENS Samantha
Independent Yes

Strong supporter. See detail below.


COOK David
OSWALD Heather
Serving Mosman No

Declined to complete survey, but offered comments broadly in support of key initiatives – see below.
E O’HALLORAN Stephen Independent No

No past track record on council.


Message from Moline on behalf of her fellow candidates: Vincent and Adlam

“I am in favour of lighting at Georges Heights and an all-weather surface at Middle Head. I will vote in favour of these initiatives in Council to progress these well-needed improvements. Further, the facilities at Middle Head and Allan Border ovals are long overdue for renovations, and a collaborative effort is needed to fund these initiatives. I will do my best to support all codes in these ventures.”

Message from Menzies on behalf of his fellow candidates: Blunden and Stevens

“I grew up in playing junior sport in Mosman. This treasured experience has provided me with a great appreciation of the value of organised sport for the players, their families, the club as well as the wider community. Excuse the pun, but Mosman Council has dropped the ball in recent years regarding providing the facilities to meet demand. As your Mayor, I will take action to improve facilities across the suburb for all sports. This includes; installing an all-weather surface at Middle Head Oval, lights at Georges Heights Oval and an upgrade of the Pavilion at Allan Border Oval. This commitment is totally consistent with my long held views that I have voiced publicly. Sport has my support. 110%. If elected Mayor I will get on and make it happen.”

Paraphrased message from Carolyn Corrigan on behalf of ‘Serving Mosman’ (SM)

SM is committed to supporting all sporting groups in Mosman, including football.  SM supports, in principle, the installation of lights on Georges Heights Oval and the upgrade of the Allan Border Oval clubhouse. SM will ensure the essential clubhouse upgrade plans move from an ‘idea’ to implementation and completion.

Given the small number, the historic nature and environmental sensitivity of Mosman’s sporting ovals, SM would ensure each request for a synthetic playing surface is reviewed on merit and extensive community consultation is undertaken by both Council and the community.  SM acknowledges that this is a contentious community issue with environmental considerations needing to be balanced with the desire for improved community sporting facilities.


To the extent that you wish to use your vote on Saturday to further the objectives of Mosman FC, we ask that you take into consideration the above information.

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