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Mosman FC is celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2017.  From humble beginnings in 1967, we now have more than 1400 players in our winter competition and more than 1000 players in our summer 5-a-side competition, a total of more than 1900 players overall.

To register for the 2017 winter season, please click on the relevant links below:

Age group
MiniRoos – mixed comp (mainly boys): under 6 to under 11
and girls only comp: under 8 to under 11
  returning players   new players
Youth – mixed comp (mainly boys) and girls only comp: under 12 to under 18   returning players   new players
Seniors (women and men): all age, over 35s and over 45 (men only)   returning players   new players

Please find following more information on Mosman FC, registration fees and the details of the competition for each age group.

All players who play for Mosman FC must have a valid registration for the MWFA competition.  This means completing ALL the registration requirements, which differ by age group.  Please note that all registration requirements must be completed online for new and returning players – please follow the instructions for each age group.  The club retains absolute discretion on which players play for which teams in ALL age groups, but we will try to accommodate reasonable requests.  Please remember that this is a volunteer-run community club in your communications.

Despite varying increases in the MWFA charges, we are keeping the registration fees at the same level as they have been for the past two years for those who register on or before 15 February 2017.  For those who register after that date, we will be charging the usual late fee as well as passing on some of the MWFA increases.

Players wishing to register after 15 February must contact the relevant VP to ensure there is room in an appropriate team.  From 16 February, all registration fees will increase by $30 per player for MiniRoos and youth players and $40 for all senior players.  The last date on which we are able to register new players for the winter season will be on or around Monday 19 June.

Any de-registrations must be submitted, along with your official player’s card and bank account details (so the refund can transferred), by Monday 19 June.

The table below shows the registration fees:

 Age Group
Cost up until 15 February Cost from 16 February      
Senior Men: AL1 (All Age Division 1) $390 ($370 Students) $430 ($410 Students)
Senior Men and Women: All Age (except div 1) and Over 35 $360 ($340 Students) $400 ($380 Students)
Under 18 $260 $290
Youth: under 16 $250 $280
Youth: under 12 to under 15 $230 $260
MiniRoos: under 8 to under 11 $230 $260
MiniRoos: under 6 and under 7 $210 $240
Additional Charge for Dual Registration (Junior Ladies & Youth Mixed) $100 $100

Click through the links below for the specific age group information and forms.  All age groups are defined as of 1st January each year – so an U8 child would be born in 2009, be 7 on 1st January, and have an 8th birthday during 2017.   If you are unable to afford these registration fees, please send us an email outlining your situation as we may be able to help. Please note that U6 players can turn 5 or 6 in 2017.

Payment must be made by credit card.  Please note that we do not accept cash and no club officials are permitted to accept cash payments.

  • MiniRoos (U6-U11), Youth (U12-U18) and Junior Ladies (U8-U18)    
  • Girls-only teams and competitions start from U8 but girls of all ages can play in the Mixed MiniRoos or Youth division in the relevant age group and/or have dual registration with a Junior Ladies team.
  • Registration and the competition format is slightly different for each age group:
    • U6/U7  play 4-a-side on mini-fields with no goalkeeper.  The games are “non-competitive”, so no league tables are kept.
    • U8/U9 play 7-a-side on small fields with a goalkeeper.  The games are “non-competitive”, so no league tables are kept, but teams are graded into stronger and weaker divisions.
    • U10/U11 play 9-a-side on 3/4 fields with a goalkeeper.  The teams are graded and placed into divisions.
    • U12 to U18 teams.   U12 and up play on full-sized fields in divisions with league tables and players require photo registration cards, which must be produced at the beginning of each game.

All MiniRoos and Youth junior players in age groups U9 and over who are not part of a specific ‘social’ team are required to attend the grading day in February.  Check the events page for details of the grading day and here for more information about the skills assessment process.  If you are not sure what age group your child is in, please check here.

  • Seniors.   Senior men and women are divided into all-age, over-35 and over-45 (men only) competitions, but the registration process is the same.  All teams are placed in graded divisions by the MWFA and players require photo registration cards, which must be produced at the beginning of each game.
  • Managers and Coaches.   All managers and coaches from U6 up will be issued with an MWFA ID card each season.  To receive this card, a separate registration as a coach or volunteer should be made via MyFootball Club.  You should also be aware of Mosman FC child protection policies.
    • If you have not had an ID card before, please upload a digital photo (not a scan of another photo) into MyFootballClub.  The photo should:
      • be roughly square
      • be front on with no hats, glasses or sunglasses
      • have a light background i.e. not a landscape background
      • be compressed to 30kb or less (Microsoft Picture Manager compressed to “web pages” will do this)
      • have a file name: “MFC2017 your name team.jpg” (e.g. MFC2017 Jane Beam 035/4.jpg or MFC2017 John Smith U10.jpg).  If you don’t know your team just include age group.
  • Referees.   Referees should also register online.  Click through to MyFootball Club:
    • Click the “Referee Registration” Button
    • Click ” I have logged into MyFootballClub…”
    • Enter FFA number and password
    • Check or complete your personal details, then click register
    • Select Manly Warringah Football Referees Association” in club box, “Official” in the registration category and complete the rest of the questions

Like all sports, football carries the risk of injury, and registered players are covered by a FNSW insurance policy, as outlined here, but please note that Australian Government regulations prevent insurers from covering “gap” payments, so some medical costs may not be covered.

NB: Summer 5-a-side registration is a different process and is covered here.

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