Forfeiting Games

Please make every effort to field a team for every match and avoid forfeiting if at all possible.  In the event that your team needs to forfeit a game, please notify your VP, who may be able to help find additional players.  If forfeiting is absolutely necessary your VP who will contact our competition secretary who will then notify MWFA.

The following are the timing requirements and the penalties of not complying:


The secretary of a club which intends to forfeit an allotted fixture shall advise the Association by 4pm or Association Secretary by 7:30 pm on the day before the scheduled game. If the Association has not been notified the Club shall be levied the following fines for each game forfeited:

(1) Premier League $100

(2) Other Seniors $50

(3) Youth $25″


Please respect your opposition teams and notify them as early as possible.  Any and all fines that are charged by MWFA will be passed on to the team which incurred them.

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