Player Safety

Mosman Football Club is committed to the prevention of injuries. We therefore observe the requirements of the MWFA /FFA /FIFA regarding the following safety precautions:

Football boots and shinpads – all players are required to wear soccer boots and shin pads covered by socks for training and matches.  This is one of the rules of football.

Headgear – with the exception of the goalkeeper, players may not wear headgear. If the goalkeeper is wearing head gear, it must not have a hard brim

Jewellery – no jewellery at all is to be worn


Wearing glasses while playing football constitutes a potential danger, not only for the individual player, but also for the players on the opposing team, in particular with head-to-head challenges that may occur in football as part of its contact nature.  It is strongly recommended that contact lenses are worn instead of glasses.  The use of glasses is sanctioned by the MWFRA and the current policy is on the MWFA website here:

MWFA Glasses Policy


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