Judiciary Procedure

The MWFA details its judiciary procedure within its Disciplinary Handbook, which can be downloaded in full here.  Some of the key points of this document are:

  • A player who is sent off (red card) will automatically miss one game, with no right of appeal
  • Serious sending-off offenses such as violent conduct, which can result in bans of up to 24 months, will be judged at a disciplinary committee hearing on the Thursday night following the game.  Players can opt to accept the sentence or attend the next disciplinary committee meeting.
  • Cautions (yellow card) can not be appealed

The policy of MFC is to aim for a top quartile disciplinary record within the MWFA, so in general will not support appeals against findings of the disciplinary committee.  All disciplinary findings will be reported by the MWFA to the MFC judiciary officer.

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