Game Time

One of our club coaching principles is that all players deserve equal time and attention from the coach.  All junior players should therefore have roughly equal game time over the season, with substitutes playing at least half a game.  Depending on the squad size this can, at the coach’s discretion, be achieved by:

  • playing the whole squad each week, some as substitutes
  • rostering players off (particularly if  more than 16 players in the squad)
  • only borrowing players when required to field a full team with maybe 1-2 substitutes

Coaches should consider attendance, attitude and effort at training, as well as playing ability, and perhaps the opposition, in selecting the starting team.  For teams in finals, the policy is slightly different:

  • division 1 teams: the number of substitutes is at the coach’s discretion.  All substitutes should play at least ¼ of the game
  • other teams:
    • more than 16 players in the squad:  16 chosen at the coach’s discretion
    • 16 or fewer players in the squad:  whole squad plays
    • all substitutes should play at least ¼ of the game

We recognise that (very rarely) this policy may make the difference between winning and losing, but believe this is a worthwhile trade-off for all junior players to develop their skills and a healthy love of sport.

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