Private Schools and Extended Absence

Many parents of junior players choose private schools for their children which have compulsory Saturday morning sport.  As a community club, Mosman FC aims to enhance the social fabric of Mosman by bringing together players from across the community.  We therefore encourage private school children to join Mosman FC and have developed these guidelines to balance the interests of players and teams:

  • Parents should inform the relevant Junior VP during the registration process if they will have private school commitments or extended absences so we can ensure that the team squad size is big enough to cope
  • Parents should advise the team manager of their time restrictions once the MWFA and school fixtures are known
  • The team manager should canvas player availability for each game and arrange to borrow players to ensure at least 11 players are available for each game.  It is disheartening to the rest of the team and disrespectful to the opposition to turn up with too few players.
  • If a player is available for:
    • more than half the game, she/he should be selected for the game
    • less than half the game, he/she can be selected at the discretion of the coach/manager
  • Coaches should select the team from the players who are available, making substitutions based on game situation, player fitness and providing roughly equal game time over the season


Be applying this policy sensibly, we hope to ensure that:

  • Players attending private schools can remain connected with the club from Juniors into Seniors
  • We can maintain teams from U11 to U16, providing teams for children attending public schools
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