What to do in Wet Weather

Mosman FC has developed a wet weather mobile “application” (app).  By using this app we can provide everyone with up-to-the-minute information on the status of grounds and whether or not training sessions/matches etc are going ahead.  During the week, we will update it for Mosman grounds only.  On match days, we will update the app for all fields where Mosman has matches scheduled as we are notified by MWFA of closures etc.  Any changes or cancellations made prior to match day will be notified though VPs and team managers.

Please note that this will be the primary source of information on MWFA grounds and whether or not training sessions and matches are being played.  PLEASE DO NOT email, phone or text committee members to find out the status of training sessions or matches as they will only refer you to this app which will be updated in real-time.  It will therefore be more up-to-date than council wet weather lines and our club’s website, so please check it before heading to grounds if you are unsure about the impact of the weather conditions.  If in doubt – assume matches and training sessions are on.
It is available FREE on iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry and Android devices.  No matter which smartphone or tablet you have, you can simply follow the instructions below for your device.
For Samsung
1. Click on the internet browser button.
2. In the url text box at the top of the screen type blinkm.co/MWFA/ and press GO
3.Tap the Bookmarks icon at the top of the window.
4. Tap + button to add.
5. Name the bookmark MWFA.
6. Tap the Save button, top right of screen, to confirm that you wish to bookmark this icon.
7. In bookmarks, press and hold down on the MWFA bookmark, then a menu will appear.
8. Tap Add shortcut to home screen
9. The MWFA icon now appears on your home screen.
For iPhone and iPad
1. Click on the web browser button.
2. In the url box at the top of the screen type http://blinkm.co/MWFA/ and press GO
3. Tap the Go To icon at the bottom of the window.
4. Tap Add to Home Screen.
5. Tap the blue ADD button to confirm that you wish to bookmark this icon.
6. The MWFA icon now appears on your home screen.
For Android
1. Press the web browser icon.
2. Press the GO button (has magnifying glass picture).
3. Type http://blinkm.co/MWFA and press the return key.
4. You should now arrive at the front page.
5. Press the menu button whilst in the web browser window to bring hop the bookmark menu.
6. Tap on Add Bookmark.
7. Press OK to add bookmark.
For BlackBerry
1. From the home screen, use the centre square button to elect the globe icon (web browser).
2. Press the centre square button once the globe icon is highlighted to bring up the web browser.
3. In the top text box, type http://blinkm.co/MWFA and press the centre square button.
4. Wait for the home page to load onto your phone.
5. Press the “BlackBerry logo” button to the left of the centre square button to bring up the context menu.
6. Using the centre square button, move the menu selection downwards until the Add Bookmark item is highlighted.
7. Press the centre square button to bring up the bookmark options for the site, and press twice more to save it your phone.
We hope and expect that this app will provide a more efficient and effective method for communicating grounds status to all members.
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