Training Locations and Times

Each team has an allocated training time and location for 2016, as specified below.  It is not possible to change these without first speaking with your VP.  These will change for the 2017 season.

ABO – Allan Border Oval
BAL – Balmoral Oval
GHO – Georges Heights Oval
MHO – Middle Head Oval
Team Day Time Oval
U8 Blizzards Wednesday 4-5pm ABO
U8 Tornadoes Wednesday 4-5pm ABO
U9 Mermaids Wednesday 4-5pm ABO
U9 Snow Leopards Wednesday TBC ABO
U10 Academy Tuesday
4-5:15pm ABO
U10 Fierce Wednesday 5-6pm ABO
U11 Ladybugs Friday 4-5pm BAL
U11 Tigers Wednesday 5-6pm ABO
U12 Academy Tuesday
5:30-7pm ABO
U12 Dolphins Thursday 5:45-6:45pm ABO
U12/3 Wednesday 5-6pm ABO
U13/2 Wednesday 5:15-6:15pm ABO
U14/1 Wednesday 5-6:30pm ABO
U16/2A Wednesday 7-8:30pm ABO
U16/2B Wednesday 6-7pm ABO


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