Game Format and Rules

Here is the link to the MWFA playing rules for U12 to U16, or you can open the document U12U16Rules2016.


Substitutes and Borrowed Players

A borrowed player is a player registered in a lower division or age group who plays in place of a player registered in a higher division or age group. The maximum number of borrowed players is four.  A borrowed player may also act as a substitute player.

A substitute player is a registered player, or a borrowed player who is in excess of the prescribed eleven players. A substitute is permitted to replace a player on the field at any time, subject to compliance with all other conditions relating to substitutes. The maximum number of substitutes permitted in any game is five.

The following rules apply to borrowed players:

1.  Teams can only borrow players registered in a lower division or age group, or in the same division if not in division 1.
2.  The maximum number of borrowed players allowed on a match card is 4
3.  Junior players can only play up 2 age groups
4.  Players registered in the girls competition must be dual registered to play in the mixed competition
5.  A player can only be borrowed by another team 4 times, and then must join this team and is not eligible for the original team


Borrowing Tables


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