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U10 – U11


Role of an Instructing Referee

The main role of the Instructing Referee is to control the game to ensure it is played fluently.  The Instructing Referee should instruct players on how to behave and enforce the rules, with minimal blowing of the whistle.  They should also assist players with learning aspects of the game such as what a foul is and what a free kick is.


Some helpful game tips for an Instructing Referee:

  • Discourage players from permanently standing in blatant offside positions and instruct them to move into onside positions.
  • Assist players with aspects of the game which they are unsure of e.g. how to conduct a throw in
  • In the Under 10 and 11 age groups, children should be made aware of the offside rule during training and be encouraged to adopt this philosophy during the game at all times.


U12 – U16



The MWFA will appoint official referees to all junior fixtures where possible. If there is no referee, managers or officials of the competing teams should appoint a person to control the game.

The home team provides the Referees Card. If you are the home team, the manager should complete the team listing ready for the manager of the opposing team to complete and check. If you are the away team, the manager of the opposing team will hand the card to you for completion.

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