Submitting Match Results

1. Phone in your match result – HOME and AWAY

Results MUST be sent in from every team from Junior (U12) up for any match played either at home or away.  This is critical as teams will have to personally pay the $100 fine handed down from MWFA for missing results.

You can either SMS your result to 0487 345 002 or email the result to MFC Results.

The SMS or email should contain

  1. Your team name
  2. The outcome
  3. The score

(please put these details in the heading of the message when sending an email)


U11/2A Won 2-0
AL1 Drew 2-2, Reserves Lost 1-2
O35/1B drew 0-0
W14/1 won 12-2

2. Hand in your Completed Referees Card – HOME matches only

Referees Cards record the match details, the players for each team and the final score.  They are signed twice by both the home and away manager to signify agreement to players named and final score.

Should there be a dispute, the manager should sign and print the letters STA which stands for Subject to Adjudication.  The Association will then contact the club to enquire what the dispute is regarding.  An example of an STA could be where a player is known to be playing down, i.e. they are registered with a higher team.

It is the HOME team’s responsibility to ensure that the Referees Card is completed by both teams and placed in the letterbox at Georges Heights Oval before 6pm on match day.  The box is situated near the canteen at the front of the change rooms at Georges Heights Oval.

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