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Mosman FC places great importance on coaching programs within the Club. Our coaching group includes a number of highly qualified coaches from a variety of backgrounds and experiences who all embrace a player-centred approach which prioritises technical development and creativity.

We aim to make coaching TRANSFORMATIONAL rather than TRANSACTIONAL. It is not about the coach telling players the right or wrong way of doing something. It is about guiding them on their journey to make better decisions within the game and become the best player they can be.

Providing a learning environment where ALL levels of players will enjoy their football experience and provide a pathway for our most talented and dedicated players to play at the highest level’




Name: Andrew (Drew) Taylor


AFC/FFA A (2016-2017 pending final assessment), AFC/FFA B (2013), AFC/FFA C (2011)

Masters of Education (Coaching) by Research, Diploma of Education

FFA Senior, Junior License

English FA Psychology Level 1 and FA Talent ID Level 1

Cert IV Massage Therapy (Sports Massage)

Coaching Experience:

Director of Coaching- Mosman FC 2015-Present

Head Coach- NSM WPL 1st Grade 2016- Present

Head Coach- Mosman FC Mens Premier League 2011-2015

Head Coach-  U13/U14 Football NSW Institute 2013-14

Assistant Coach- FNSW Womens NTC 2013

Head Coach U14/U15  Northbridge FC State League 2011-2012

Head Coach U10 PDP  Northbridge FC 2012

Coaching Philosophy: Focus on developing brave, creative PLAYERS before focussing on developing brave, creative TEAMS.

Favourite Football Quote: ‘You need both quality and results. Results without quality is boring; quality without results is meaningless’ Johan Cruyff





Name: James Webb


AFC/FFA A (2016-17 assessment pending), AFC/FFA B (2013)

New Zealand Football Youth Level 3 (2013)

New Zealand Football Junior Level 2 (2012)

English FA Level Two (2011)

English FA Youth Award Module Two – Developing The Practice (2011)

English FA Youth Award Module One – Developing The Environment (2011)

Coaching Experience:

Head Coach – New Zealand Secondary School’s U15 2017-

Head Coach – Wellington College(NZ) 1st Grade 2015-2017

Football Development Officer/Federation Talent Centre Lead – Capital Football (NZ) 2014-2016

Youth Development Officer- Miramar Rangers (NZ) 2012-2014

Technical Advisor – Team Wellington National League Senior side 2011-2012

Youth Assistant Coach – Team Wellington (NZ) 2011-2013

Head Coach NDC Program- Chelsea FC (UK) 2007-2010

Coaching Philosophy: I pride myself on my work ethic, player centred approach and ability to adapt my communication style to support the needs of those that I am working with.





Name: Josh Ayscough (Premier League)


FFA C (2017/18 in progress)

Bachelor of Psychology (University of Newcastle)

FFA Senior, Junior License 2012

Coaching Experience:

Head Coach  Mosman FC Mens Premier League 2017-Present

Head Coach  U15/17 Edgeworth Eagles NPL 2016

Head Coach  U19 Maitland FC 2013-2015

Coach  Youth Pathway Program Maitland FC 2015

Head Coach Maitland FC Womens Premier League 2011-2012

Coaching Philosophy: Developing adaptable players who can successfully play within a variety of systems and problem solve on the pitch. Players have clear focus on the discipline of defending that is supported by positive football & earns freedom in the final third.

Favourite Football Quote: ‘The first 90 minutes are the most important’ Sir Bobby Robson


Name: James Raphael (AL1)


FFA C Licence (Senior & Youth) (2012)

FFA Senior Licence (2009), Youth Licence  (2008), Junior Licence (2008)

FFA Grass Roots Instructor (2009)

FFA Goal Keeping Certificate parts 1 & 2 (2012)

Coaching Experience:

Mosman FC Mens Premier Reserve League Coach (2013-2014)

Mosman FC Mens AA1 Reserve grade Coach (2012)

FNSW State Titles Met North Coach (2009-2012)

Manly United State League U13 Coach (2011)

Football NSW Project 22 Northern Area Coach (2009)

Manly Warringah Metro League Coach (2009-2010)

Coaching Philosophy: Cherish the ball, keep it simple, keep it moving and dont force it.

Favourite Football Quote: Football is an easy game made difficult by those who play itBill Shankly.






Name: Luke Tinker



Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Development and Coaching

FA Youth Award

English FA Youth Award Module 1- Developing the Environment.

English FA Youth Award Module 2- Developing the Practice.

English FA Youth Award Module 3- Developing the Player.

English FA 1 & 2

Coaching Experience:

Mosman FC U8-035 2017- Present

Inspire Soccer UK- Sydney Owner/Head Coach 2017- Present

Scarborough Athletic FC- U19/ Reserve,  Head Coach  2015-2016

Inspire Soccer UK- Scarborough, Owner/Head Coach 2015-2016

Hull City FC – Academy Coach, Development Centre Head Coach, Scout- U8-U12 2015-2016

Global Premier Soccer- Operations Manager & Football Coach for U8-16 in South Carolina, USA 2014

Sheffield Wednesday FC- U11 Academy Coach 2013-2014

Premier League- Head of Football development and coaching for The Football Foundation of South Africa, 2012                                                                              

Coaching Philosophy:  Enjoyment> Development.>Winning.

Favourite Football Quote: ‘A good coach can  change a game, a great coach can change a life.’ John Wooden.



Name: Pavol Sadlon


Slovak C Youth license

FFA C (awaiting assessment)

Coaching Experience:

Mosman FC 2015- Present

North Sydney Bears U6-U10

AC Milan soccer school Sydney U7-U10

Coogee White Tigers U8-U11

SV Strasshoff Austria- U8-U10

Coaching philosophy:

The harder on a training ground, the easier on the battlefield.

Favourite quote:

‘Never give up’


Name: Ian Bentham


FFA C (2017 pending final assessment)

FFA Junior Licence

Coaching Experience:

Mosman FC Academy U9  2013-Present

Plantation Primary School ages 6-10 (Liverpool, England)

Coaching Philosophy: A good attack comes from the back, a good defence starts at the front. Play as 1 unit; win, lose or draw. A teams success will always overshadow personal glory.

Favourite Football Quote: ‘What is a club in any case? Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. Its not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or executive boxes. Its the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging, the pride in your city. Its a small boy clambering up stadium steps for the very first time, gripping his fathers hand, gawping at that hallowed stretch of turf beneath him and, without being able to do a thing about it, falling in love’ Sir Bobby Robson


Name: Sean Toth


FFA C (In progress)

Bachelor Degree (BA) Business of Sports Management

Coaching Experience

Director of ST Football Management 2016- Present

North Shore Mariners SAP Coach 2017 -Present

North Shore Mariners Women’s U/17 2017 -Present

Northbridge Academy Coach 2017

Pittwater House High School Head Soccer Coach 2017

NSW Combined Independent Schools Selector 2017

Head Coach Örebro University Women’s Team, Sweden, 2016

Valley Christian High School, Head Varsity Boys Soccer Coach 2012- 2014

Valley Christian High School, Junior Varsity Girls Soccer Coach 2011-2012

Soccer Coaching, Football NSW, Coaching 10-15 year age group, July 2007 (Part time).

Playing Experience

North Shore Mariners First Grade 2017

Karslunds IF HFK Swedish 2nd Division 2016 Season

Örebro Syrianska Swedish 2nd Division 2015 Season

Hope International University 2011-2014

LA Blues USL- 2011

MSK Zilina (U/23s) Slovakia- 2010/2011

Coaching Philosophy: developing technical aspect of players to accelerate in the transition of high intensity and quality driven environments. By developing the speed of player, speed of ball and the speed of THOUGHT.


Name: Cerise Brooks


FFA C (Pending final assessment)

BSc in Sports Coaching

FA Level 1 & 2 in Coaching Football

Cert III & IV in Fitness

Coaching Experience:

Coach – Mosman FC WAL2’s 2016-17

Soccer Coach – Scots College 2013-14

Head Coach – Star Sports Camps 2013-15

Soccer Coach – Tameside Sports Development (in collaboration with MUFC and MCFC in the community) 2008-11

Girls Football Co-ordinator – Hartshead Sports College 2006-10

Coaching Philosophy: Always strive to develop players that don’t want to be the best on the team, but the best for the team.  Success is much more than the final score.

Favourite Football Quote: “Talent may get you on the pitch, but its effort and attitude that will keep you there” – Alex Morgan



Name: Tom Newcombe


FFA C (2017)

FFA Junior Licence

Level 1 Sports Trainer

Grassroots Coaching Certificate

Coaching Experience:

Mosman FC Academy 2016-Present

Coaching Philosophy: Developing players with flair who can make and choose their own decisions depending on the situation they find themselves in

Favourite Football Quote: ‘We dont want to tell our dreams, we want to show them’ Cristiano Ronaldo


Name: Jake Vlatko  


FFA C (2017)

Diploma of Sport Development 2015

FFA Senior Coaching Certificate

FFA Skill Training Certificate

ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association) Level 1 Coach

First Aid Certificate

Coaching Experience: 

Mosman FC Academy 2015-Present

Assistant Coach, U14 Mater Maria College

Coaching Philosophy: The real winners are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better

Favourite Football Quote: ‘Good players practice until they get it right. Great players practice until they never get it wrong.’ Unknown



Name: Alastair Cockerton

Coaching Experience:

Mosman FC Academy 2017-Present

Pittwater House School U15 2012-2014

Beacon Hill U14 2013

Coaching philosophy:

Possession, technical skill and ability over brute strength and force

Favourite quote:

‘Behind every kick of the ball there has to be a thought’ Dennis Bergkamp



Name: Amanda Walker


FFA C (2017)

FFA Skill Training Certificate

Coaching Experience:

Assistant Coach Mosman FC Premier League 2016

Mosman FC W11-W16 2013-Present

Favourite Team: Childhood team Liverpool FC and for sheer watching pleasure any team coached by Guardiola

Coaching Philosophy: Possession and passing over physicality and strength.

Favourite Football Quote: ‘Play for the name on the front, and theyll remember the one on the back’



Name: Michael Wilkinson


FFA Junior Skill Acquisition License 2014

Coaching Experience:

Mosman FC Academy 2010 – present.

Coaching philosophy:

Always try to take into a game what you have learned at training. Talent and skill are nothing without belief and desire. Playing out from the back is the way forward!

Favourite quote:

‘The work of a team should always embrace a great player but the great player must always work.’ -Sir Alex Ferguson




Name: Dominique (Dom) Garnier


UEFA B License (FFF)

FFA Junior License

Cert III Fitness


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