Coaching Programs

What is the Performance Program?

The Mosman FC Performance Program is an in-house development program that provides the opportunity for players to train and play in a development environment focused on game-related skill acquisition and decision-making in line with the FA National Curriculum and under the guidance of appropriately experienced/qualified coaches.

What age groups are eligible?

Subject to the number, development stage and skill level of applicants, the Club seeks to offer opportunities for:

  • boys and mixed players in U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14; and 
  • girls in U9, U10/11, U12/13 and U14-16.

How is participation determined?

Participation is largely determined following trials that are routinely held in October/November of the year preceding the approaching winter season.  Further trials will also typically be held early in the following year aimed at finalising team numbers and to provide those who may have missed the previous trials an opportunity to participate.   

Club coaches will conduct the trial process under the guidance of the Club Coach Coordinator.   Coaches will be looking at each player’s technical ability, attitude and willingness to learn and improve.

Trials will be “game based” across various formats (i.e. 8v8, 4v4, 2v2 and 1v1) with players assessed by a group of qualified and experienced coaches against the following attributes:

  • body and ball control;
  • 1v1 duelling;
  • game understanding;  and
  • striking the ball (passing and shooting)

Players should attend ALL trials for their age group whenever possible.

Trial dates will be advertised on the Club’s website and via Facebook (and other social platforms, where appropriate).  

What are the benefits of trialling in your chronological age group?  Players are strongly encouraged to trial for their chronological age-group.  This is particularly important when entering an age-group that dictates a change to the field size.  To do otherwise, minimises a player’s potential touches on the ball.   Playing for a higher age group should only occur when it offers a clear benefit to the individual on a technical, physical or social basis.

What is the program cost and what commitment is involved?

The cost of the program is determined annually by the Club’s Board based on a cost recovery basis.  Fees for the Performance Program are kept to a minimum and largely go to cover the additional training costs associated with the program and the cost of training kit.  

Because Mosman FC does not want any child to miss an opportunity to participate on financial grounds, we offer financial assistance subject to a case-by-case assessment of the individual’s circumstances.  Please contact the Club Coach Coordinator or Club President to enquire about assistance.  All requests will treated as confidential.  

Please also note that the payment of Performance Program fees is separate from winter registration fees or the fees to the other programs periodically run by the Club.  These should be paid separately.  

Training sessions for Performance Program teams are run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at times and at grounds to be advised closer to season start.  Matches are played as part of the broader MWFA competition and are subject to the draw determined at the outset of the season by the Association.  As a general guide, those participating in the boys/mixed competition play on Saturday mornings while participants in the girl’s competition play on Sunday mornings.