Winter FAQs

How much does Winter registration cost? Are there any discounts for early registration?

2022 Fee Schedule

Age GroupCost up until 31 JanuaryCost from 1 – 15 FebruaryCost from 16 February
All Age Men Division 1$332$377$407
All Age Men and Women  Division 2 + O35 & O45, WO30 & WO40$287$332$362
Youth Under 18 $259$294
Youth Under 16 $224$259
Youth Under 12 - 15 $217$252
Miniroos Under 10 - 11 $196$231
Miniroos Under 8-9 $181$216
Miniroos Under 6-7 $193$228
Additional charge for Dual registration (Youth mixed & Girls) $100$100


When does Winter registration open/close?

2022 registrations open from January 10.

Can I use my Active Kids Rebate to reduce the registration cost?

Parents will be able to claim up to $100 per NSW-based school child (age 4.5 -18years old), per calendar year, as a voucher to reduce the cost of sport registration or membership fees.  This voucher is offered on behalf of the NSW Government as part of the Active Kids program.Further information can be found on the age group registration page  and is available at

Which age group am I in?

The age group for football in Australia is based on the calendar year (1 January to 31 December). Players can play up a year to be with friends for U6-U11, but will be graded into the right age group from U12 up, with exceptions only to facilitate a team short of players or for physically mature players. For the 2022 winter and summer seasons, the qualifying birth years are:

  • U6 born in  2016 or 2017
  • U7 born in 2015
  • U8 born in 2014
  • U9 born in 2013
  • U10 born in 2012
  • U11 born in 2011
  • U12 born in 2010
  • U13 born in 2009
  • U14 born in 2008
  • U15 born in 2007
  • U16 born in 2006
  • U18 born in 2005
  • Seniors AL any age
  • O35 born in 1986 or earlier
  • O45 born in 1976 or earlier

What is the difference between mixed and girls only?

Mixed teams including boys and girls start at U6 and continue through the Youth system until U18. Girls only football starts at W8 and continues through the Youth system until W18. Girls have the choice to play in the Saturday mixed competition and/or the Sunday morning girls only competition.  Girls wishing to play in both the mixed and girls only will need to complete a dual registration. Please ensure you select the correct package when registering ie Mixed or Girls only so we can ensure players are allocated correctly.

What playing kit do I need?

For Miniroos U6 – U11, players will need to purchase the Mosman FC Home ShirtShort and Sock from the Mosman Online Store.
For Youth U12 – U18, players will need to purchase the Mosman FC Home Short and Sock from the Mosman Online Store. The club will supply a numbered playing shirt to each new player.
Senior players, with the exception of the Premier League squad, will need to purchase the Mosman FC Home Short and Sock from the Mosman Online Store. The club will supply a numbered playing shirt to each player for use during the season.  The shirt remains the property of the club and must be returned at the season end.
All please note the Mosman FC White Away Shirt is an optional item and should only be purchased, if for some reason, you require your own shirt.  All teams requiring an away kit due to a clash with opposition colours will be supplied an away shirt for that game which must be returned to the Team Manager at the conclusion of the game.
All Mosman FC Home kit, training and supporter kit is available from our Online Shop.
T shirt sizes and measurements can be found here 

Do I have to register separately for the Winter and Summer competitions?

Yes you do – while there is some nominal overlap in time, both competitions are separate entities and must be registered as individual packages.

If due to travel, injury or other circumstance, I cannot complete the season can I get a refund on my registration fees?

The Club’s Refund Policy covers refunds for registration fees and coaching programs. Click here to view.

For a refund of your registration fee, please contact your Age Coordinator.

For a refund for a coaching program, please contact the Club Coach Coordinator.