Summer 5-a-Side FAQ’s

Do I have to register separately for the Winter and Summer competitions?

Yes you do – both competitions are separate entities and you must register for each.

How much does Summer 5-a-side registration cost 2020?

Age GroupCost Until 25th SeptemberCost From 26th SeptemberCompetition Length
MiniRoos (U6 – U11) and
Youth (U12 – U17)
$120$14010 week competition
Senior (U18+)$200$22016 week competition

* Miniroos and Youth will have the option of an additional 8 week competition running in February and March 2021 for an additional $80 fee.

** All registrations received after the close date of Friday September 25 will be accepted only if capacity available.

*** Please note we will endeavour to supply all late registered players with a team t-shirt where possible but this might not have the team name printed on the back.

What are the 2020/2021 Summer competition dates?

Age Start End Duration
MiniRoos (U6 – U11) Monday, October 12
Wednesday, October 14
Monday, December 14
Wednesday, December 16
10 Weeks
Youth (U12 – U17) Monday, October 12
Wednesday, October 14
Monday, December 14
Wednesday, December 16
10 Weeks
Senior (U18 +) Monday, October 26
Wednesday, October 28
Monday, March 22
Wednesday, March 24
16 Weeks


* Optional Extended Miniroos and Youth Competition will commence Monday, February 1 and Wednesday, February 3 and will run until Monday March 22 and Wednesday March 24.

**Senior competition will break for the holidays on Monday, December 16 and Wednesday, December 18 and resume on Monday, February 1 and Wednesday, February 3.

When and where will matches be held?

All matches will be held at Georges Heights Oval.

A site map will be on display at Georges Heights Oval on competition nights. Please familiarise your team with the pitch layout as change-over times are tight.

All matches will be played on Monday and Wednesday evenings between 4:20pm and 7:45pm. Times are subject to the number of teams registered to play. You will be notified when your team will be playing after registrations are closed and the draw is complete.

Time Monday Wednesday
4:20pm U6/U7/U8 U6/U7/W8/W9
5:00pm U9/U10 W10/W11/U8
5:40pm U11/U12 U10/U12/W12/W13
6:20pm U15/U17/Open Age Men U13/U14/W14/W15
7:00pm Open Age Men Open Age Women

The times shown are confirmed for 2019/20, they provide a rough indication of which age groups play on particular evenings and the order of games according to age groups. 

When do registrations open and close?

  • Summer 5-a-side registrations open on Friday, August 14
  • Summer 5-a-side registrations close on Friday, September 25
  • Registrations received after Friday, September 25 will incur a $20 increased fee and will be accepted subject to available capacity

How many players are in a team?

  • For the U6 and U7 age groups, it is 4-a-side (with no goalkeepers)
  • For all other age groups it is 5-a-side

You can register as many players as you like in each team but this is a balance between managing game time for all and having cover for players unavailable on any given week.

Players can be borrowed from other teams but these players must be registered in the Mosman FC 2020/2021 summer 5-a-side competition.

What age group do I register for?

Age groups for the 2020/2021 summer 5-a-side competition are the same as the 2020 MWFA winter competition ie U10 players are players turning 10 anytime in 2020.

How long are the matches?

  • 30 min (2 x 15 min halves)                           for all junior divisions
  • 40 min (2 x 20 min halves)                           for all senior divisions

What are the competition rules?

The rules for the Mosman FC 5 –A-Side are based on the Football NSW Summer Football Regulations with a number of modifications to accommodate to local playing conditions.


  • The primary goal of the Mosman FC 5-a-side competition is for all participants to have fun and enjoy their football. While healthy competition is fine, dangerous, aggressive or unsporting play is not.
  • Slide tackling is prohibited and is a bookable offence.
  • Only players registered in the 2020/2021 Mosman FC 5-a-side competition will be permitted to be borrowed.
  • Match duration is 30 minutes (2 x 15 minute halves) for Junior divisions and 40 minutes ( 2 x 20 minutes halves) for Senior divisions.
  • Substitutions are unlimited. Exiting player must leave the field of play prior to the replacement entering the field – there is no requirement for the referee to be consulted.   Substitution of goalkeepers is only permitted at half time, unless there is an injury.
  • During matches, all players must wear:
    • Matching colour t-shirts. In the event of a colour clash bibs will be provided.
    • Approved shin guards under full-length socks
    • The only footwear permitted are indoor football shoes, turf shoes (recommended) and trainers/sand shoes. Football boots with studs or blades are not permitted under any circumstance and a player wearing these type of boots will not be allowed to enter the field of play.
  • There is no Off-Side Rule, however, a player must not intentionally or deliberately stand in an advanced off-side position flaunting this rule. The referee may take action by awarding a free kick for continual breaches.
  • Throw-ins are replaced by a “kick-in” taken from the sideline from the point of exit and the ball must be stationary when played. A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick-in.  Defenders must retreat a minimum of  2 metres from the ball.
  • All free kicks outside the penalty area shall be indirect.
  • All free kicks inside the penalty area shall be penalty kicks taken from 5 metres from the goal line directly in front of goals.
  • There are no goal-kicks. When the ball exits the field of play over the goal line, the goalkeeper shall throw the ball into play but no further than the half way line on the full.
  • Any appeal about a result must be made to the competition manager immediately after the game.

Football NSW Summer Football Regulations 2020/2021

How do I access the weekly draw and point table?

Does our team need to provide a referee?

No – Mosman FC will provide referees for each game.

Do players need to sign in and who records the match results?

  • There is no requirement for players and managers to sign-in. The match draw and field location will be provided at the information desk adjacent to the canteen area.
  • The referee will record the match results and will be updated online within 24 hours.

Will Mosman FC provide a playing kit?

Yes – your team will be issued with a coloured Mosman FC 5-a-side t-shirt (included in the registration).  All teams in your age group will be issued a different coloured t-shirt to identify them so please ensure all team members wear their t-shirt to all matches.

Each team will provide their own playing shorts and football socks.  There is no stipulation as to colour -  players are welcome to wear the Mosman winter blue shorts and socks or other.

What footwear is permitted and are shin guards compulsory?

Approved shin guards must be worn under full-length socks.

The only footwear permitted are indoor football shoes, turf shoes (recommended) and trainers/sand shoes.

Football boots with studs or blades are not permitted under any circumstance and a player wearing these type of boots will not be allowed to  enter the field of play.