Georges Heights Oval

Setting Up Procedure

There are 4 mini fields, an U9 field and a full-size field at Georges Heights Oval.  All equipment is located in the shed at Georges Heights.

Sub-Juniors and Juniors

See detailed instructions here.

All posts, corner flags for the mini fields and the U9 field and toblerones must be set up prior to the 8.30am kick-off.


The first senior team playing at Georges Heights Oval must get the nets from the shed and place them on the posts which are already located in the correct position.  The nets need to be pegged fully into the ground with the lump hammer.  The 4 corner flags can be taken from the U9 field when their last game has finished.  You will need to get another 2 flags to show the centre line.  These can be taken from one of the sub-junior fields when their game is finished.


Packing Away Procedure

Sub-Juniors and Juniors

All sub-junior games must be finished and packed away prior to 1pm, as this is when the senior game kicks off.

All posts, corner flags and toblerones must be neatly packed away in the shed, please do not just throw all equipment into the shed as this only causes confusion and mayhem for the next weekend.  Nets and pegs, when used, should be put back in the appropriate bin and placed out of the way in the shed.


When the last senior team has finished, please remove the nets and pegs and place them back in the bins.  Place the bins with the corner flags neatly back into the shed.

When all equipment is packed away, then close the shed.

Please remove all empty bottles and other general rubbish from the ground and place into the bins located around Georges Heights Oval.

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