Outcome of Tuesday night’s Mosman Council meeting

Mosman Council met on Tuesday night to discuss a proposal to postpone the work on the DA they promised to submit to the SHFT for an all-weather surface to be installed at Middle Head Oval.

Instead of following through on the commitments made in the chamber in March 2016 and in a written statement to our club prior to the recent election that “Serving Mosman is committed to the principle of a transparent process for the DA in relation to the installation of a synthetic all weather playing field on Middle Head Oval”, the Mayor decided instead to put up a proposal to spend up to $500K on a high quality natural turf surface, supported by Councillors Sherlock and Cook. ¬†

Despite Councillor Willoughby standing on a platform of improving girls’ sporting facilities, she failed on her first opportunity to do so. ¬†Councillor Bendall, followed his consistent pattern of voting against us which started in early 2015 when he voted against conducting a community consultation process regarding the proposal and then tried to dismiss the results despite the community sending a clear message of support for an all-weather pitch at GHO and/or MHO.

Everyone of us who plays football knows that natural grass does not cope with the high level of existing demand for organised sport, let alone the predicted growth in that demand.

We had hoped that councillors would want to provide for active Mosman residents what almost all of our surrounding councils have but they bowed to the pressure of the HPG and bushcare groups, ignoring the many benefits of an all-weather pitch which include:
1. 2-3 times the capacity of natural grass, no need to close the oval for maintenance, or rain
2. no need to water the oval, instead, water can be harvested and used elsewhere
3. no need to mow or use herbicides, fertilisers etc
4. medium to long term financial savings, despite high upfront cost of installation
5. lower injury rates.

On a more encouraging note, it was great to see so many of our junior and senior members in the chamber to support our cause and a big thank you to Anna and Danny, along with representatives of the Mosman Swans, who did a great job of presenting our joint case.

We are very grateful to Councillors Libby Moline and Simon Menzies who have been strong supporters of our efforts from the start.

We hope that Mayor Corrigan and Councillors Sherlock, Cook and Willoughby show more commitment to supporting Mosman FC and other community sporting groups, the Active Majority, in the future as they promised to do when seeking our votes in the recent election.

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