Which age group am I in?

Age Group Information for 2018

The age group for football in Australia is based on calender years (1 January to 31 December). Players can play up a year to be with friends for U6-U11, but will be graded into the right age group from U12 up, with exceptions only to facilitate a team short of players or for physically mature players.

For the 2018 winter and summer seasons, the qualifying birth years are:

  • U6 born in 2012 or 2013
  • U7 born in 2011
  • U8 born in 2010
  • U9 born in 2009
  • U10 born in 2008
  • U11 born in 2007
  • U12 born in 2006
  • U13 born in 2005
  • U14 born in 2004
  • U15 born in 2003
  • U16 born in 2002
  • U18 born in 2000
  • Seniors AL any age
  • O35 born in 1982 or earlier
  • O45 born in 1972 or earlier
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