Juniors Illness and Injury Policy

From time to time, junior players have illnesses or injuries that may interfere with their ability to train or play football, or place other players at risk. MFC has the following policy to deal with these issues:

  1. Apply commonsense! The first priority of parents, coaches and match officials is to ensure the safety of junior players.
  2. At all times, the parents or guardians of all U18 players have ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the player is able to train or play football safely.
  3. In addition, a coach may decide to stop a player training or playing if he or she believes this to be in the best interest of the player. For example, if a player is injured during a game the coach may substitute the player.
  4. Players may not train or play in arm casts as these may injure other players.
  5. Players should not train or play if they have injuries that are bleeding. The coach should use the first aid kit provided by MFC to cover and stop bleeding.
  6. For infectious diseases, do not allow players to play or train while the disease is transmissible, out of respect for others. Seek medical advice if required.
  7. If in doubt, discuss the specifics of the situation with the coach and age coordinator.
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