Winter Season



Handbook for Managers and Coaches – 2017


  1. Prepare contact lists
  2. Prepare the roster
  3. Ensure all team members have the contact list and the fixtures
  4. Liaise with the coach to discuss training format
  5. Identify a parent in your team who can referee for your home games (only for under 11s and below)
  6. Collect kit – the Committee will let you know when it is ready
  7. Get all parents who are involved with kids to sign the Child Protection Forms and return them to the relevant VP
  8. For U12 and up – print a number of labels with your team and their registration numbers (you need about 20).  This saves you writing out the names and registration numbers every match.  This can just be stuck onto the match score card.  See the website for an example of this.



  1. Keep the team informed about any information you receive from the Committee and/or Age Coordinators.
  2. Think about arranging a get-together at the start of the season so parents can get to know each other early in the season and perhaps another one in the middle of the season.
  3. Coordinate the team photographs.
  4. Check during the season availability of players for each game just in case of need to borrow players, for the more notice, the better.



The team lists will be emailed to you.  This comes in PDF format and can be emailed directly on to all member of the team.  You will also be emailed an Excel spreadsheet template that can be filled in using the information on the PDF sheet.  Whilst this involves inputting data initially, the benefit is that it allows you to change data as you go along.

Email the spreadsheet to all team members and ask them to check their contact details.

The spreadsheet has a template for the fixtures for the season.  The roster can be added to this so that when the fixtures list is emailed it will have the date that each family is on duty.

On the same spreadsheet, there is a list of duties for the family who is rostered on.  It just about covers everything, but check it in case you want to add anything.


Everyone on our team had email or had easy access to email.  If not everyone has access to email, arrange a phone tree so that you don’t have to call everyone yourself.  But encourage communication by email!!! This makes life much easier.


Your team will be given a specific venue and time frame for your training sessions.  For example, it might be 5 – 7pm at Allan Border Oval on Tuesdays.  Discuss with your coach whether the team will be training for an hour or an hour and a half, and the starting time, then make sure the parents know exactly when and where to go.

If you do not have a coach at the beginning of the season and you need to get involved in finding one, then look at the information under Coach Appointment Policy on the website.


Bring oranges to the game.  If you want to bring lollies check with the other parents first.

Take the shirts home, wash them and bring the shirts the following week.

Write a match report and enter it onto the website or email to the manager.

For U12 and above: Drop the score card off at the Georges Heights Oval before 5pm on the day of your game.


  1. Email all parents with reminder of time of game and location. Ask them to let you know by Wednesday if they have a clash and they/their child is unable to play.
  2. If you are short of players, talk to the teams below you to try and borrow.  For U12 and above you must get the card for any borrowed player.
  3. Email the player/parents on duty to remind them (usually on Wednesday – this gives you time to organise someone else if there is a problem)



  1. Introduce yourself to the manager from the other team and give him your ID cards to check the players. They will give you theirs and you check the players on the team all have cards in the book.
  2. If it’s an away game, the other team will provide the card.  Stick your list of players onto the card and sign for their players at start of match – if there are players on the list that are not playing the game, cross their names off the card.  Then hand card to the referee.  If it’s a home game, we supply the card (these are provided with your Manager’s kit) and the opposition stick their players’ names onto it.
  3. Ask one of our team parents to be linesperson.
  4. Sign for the score on the card.  If it’s an away game, the other team keeps the card and they hand the card in. (If it is a home game then it is your responsibility to put it in the box at Georges Heights before 5pm on the day of the game – see 6 below)
  5. At the end of the match, give the coach’s Player of the Match award.
  6. If you don’t make it a roster job, as manager you must drop the card (home game) in at the Georges Heights ground in the box before 5pm on the day of the game.  Please be aware that you must do this for every home match.  MWFA will fine Mosman FC if cards are not handed in and Mosman will pass these fines ($100) onto the teams if they occur.
  7. You must SMS the result to the MFC Results Collector (0487 345 002) before 5pm on match day with the result and who you played – e.g. “Mosman U12-2 played xxx. Score was 9:0 to MOSMAN!!!”. Please be aware that you must do this for every match.  MWFA will fine Mosman club if results are not provided and Mosman will pass these fines ($100) onto the teams if they occur. You can also email the results to
  8. If your team is on duty for setting up or taking down the posts, email a couple of parents and arrange for them to be at the ground early to set up.(The details on how to set up the posts will be in the pouch you are given).

Teams failing to phone through the competition results and to hand in the match card may lose the points for the game and incur a fine of $100.



  1. Let your team know when they are on.
  2. Collect money in advance.



  1. If you are giving trophies to your team (which is optional), order them a couple of weeks before the last game.  Note that the Club provides medallions to all players.
  2. Thank you gifts for the coach.
  3. Arrange to drop back the kit.
  4. Collect photographs when you drop off the kit and distribute to parents.
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