Manager Responsibilities



  • Prepare contact lists.
  • Prepare the roster.
  • If your team does not have a coach, you need to liaise with your VP to find one.
  • Ensure all team members have the contact list and the fixtures.
  • Liaise with your VP and the coach to discuss timing and location of training.
  • Identify a parent in your team who can referee for your home games (only for under 10s and under 11s ).
  • Collect training kit (training balls, bibs, cones) and match day kit (match ball, referee’s whistle, first aid kit, goalie gloves (if relevant)) – your VP will let you know when they are ready.
  • Get all parents who are involved with kids to sign the complete the Working With Children requirements.



  • Keep the team informed about any information you receive from the Committee,VP and/or age coordinators.
  • Advise team of details of upcoming matches and check availability of players for each game.  There are various tools/apps available to assist in this process, for example, teamer, sports notice board, teamster.
  • Arrange a roster of which family is to bring the oranges to each match (please don’t bring sweets without first checking with other parents).
  • If you need to borrow players, please ask before the Thursday.
  • Organise team social events and ensure participation in club events e.g. gala days


  • After the match – U9
  • You must SMS the result to the MFC Results Collector (0487 345 002) before 5pm on match day with the result and who you played – e.g. “Mosman U9-2 played xxx. Score was 9:0 to MOSMAN!!!”. Please be aware that you must do this for every match. MWFA will fine Mosman club if results are not provided and Mosman will pass these fines ($100) onto the teams if they occur. You can also email the results to
  • Note that these match results will not be published on either the MWFA or MFC websites.  These records are only kept for the purpose of possible regrading s during the season.



The team lists will be emailed to you. This comes in pdf format and can be emailed directly on to all members of the team. You will also be emailed an Excel spreadsheet template that can be filled in using the information on the pdf sheet. Whilst this involves inputting data initially, the benefit is that it allows you to change data if it changes during the season.

Email the spreadsheet to all team members and ask them to check their contact details.

The spreadsheet has a template for the fixtures for the season. The roster can be added to this so that when the fixtures list is emailed it will have the date that each family is on duty.

On the same spreadsheet, there is a list of duties for the family who is rostered on. It just about covers everything, but check it in case you want to add anything.



Please ensure all parents provide up-to-date email and mobile phone details to allow efficient communication amongst the team.



  • Email all parents with reminder of time of game and location. Parents should respond by Wednesday  if their child is unable to play.
  • If you are short of players, talk to the teams below you to try and borrow. 



  • If you are giving trophies to your team (which is optional), order them a couple of weeks before the last game. Note that the Club provides medallions to all players.
  • Thank you gift for the coach.
  • Arrange to drop back the training/match day kit.
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