Which Age Group Am I In?

The age group for football in Australia is based on calender years (1 January to 31 December). For the junior age groups, if a player turns 7 in the calendar year, then their default age group is U7.

Players can play up a year to be with friends for U6-U11, but will be graded into the right age group from U12 up, with exceptions only to facilitate a team short of players or for physically mature players.

To play in the over 35 competition, players must turn 36 or older in the calendar year.

For the 2018 winter and summer seasons, the qualifying birth years are:

  • U6 born in 2012 or 2013
  • U7 born in 2011
  • U8 born in 2010
  • U9 born in 2009
  • U10 born in 2008
  • U11 born in 2007
  • U12 born in 2006
  • U13 born in 2005
  • U14 born in 2004
  • U15 born in 2003
  • U16 born in 2002
  • U18 born in 2000
  • Seniors AL any age
  • O35 born in 1982 or earlier
  • O45 born in 1972 or earlier